The Middle Manager Accelerator - September 2021 Cohort

The Middle Manager Accelerator is an online development programme, which takes a proactive approach to support you in developing your leadership and management skills and applying what you have learned over ninety days. The programme focuses on four cores areas:  

  • Self-discovery;
  • Building resilience;
  • Developing relationships; and
  • Human leadership.

 The online programme made up of the following: 

  • Online learning materials including videos, webinars, practical exercises and other on demand learning materials
  • Live weekly reflective learning and Q&A session
  • One-to-one coaching sessions on completion of each core area
  • Facebook group for continual peer to peer and trainer support
  • Certificate of completion
  • Graduation to Delphinium alumni.

Who is The Middle Manager Accelerator for?

This programme is suitable for anyone in a management role, regardless of the number of people you manage and those aspiring to become managers who want to develop their leadership and management skills.

What will I get from the programme?

By the end of the Middle Manager Accelerator, you will:

  • Have an increased awareness of your personal preferences, motivational drivers, emotional triggers and how these impact those around you
  • Gain clarity on your personal vision, values and purpose
  • Understand the importance of developing your resilience as a manager and discover tools and techniques for creating your own wellbeing framework
  • Learn how to build conscious and intentional relationships with your team, colleagues and customers for greater success
  • Understand how to plan and conduct positive and effective conversations for improved performance
  • Identify and understand the characteristics and attributes needed to be a great manager and leader
  • Know how to develop a high performing team
  • Feel more confident in discussing and facilitating the resolution of issues when they arise to prevent them from escalating into more complex problems
  • Have a clear plan on how you can continue to develop your leadership and management skills.

What is the format of the Middle Manager Accelerator?

Week 1 - W/C 06/09/21 - Launch and programme introduction

Week 2 - W/C 13/09/21 - Module 1: Personality styles, communication preferences and motivational drivers

Week 3 - W/C 20/09/21 - Module 2: Your personal brand

Week 4 - W/C 27/09/21 - Module 3: Ownership of your behaviours, development and success

Week 5 - W/C 04/10/21 - Module 4: Stress awareness and tolerance levels

Week 6 – W/C 11/10/21 - Module 5: Resilience ABC

Week 7 - W/C 18/10/21 - Module 6: Creating your physical and psychological wellbeing framework

Week 8 - W/C 25/10/21 - Module 7: Building conscious and intentional relationships

Week 9 - W/C 01/11/21 - Module 8: The manager-coach

Week 10 - W/C 08/11/21 - Module 9: Providing, seeking and accepting feedback

Week 11 - W/C 15/11/21 - Module 10: Leadership and management

Week 12 - W/C 22/11/21 - Module 11: Developing a high performing team

Week 13 - W/C 29/11/21 - Module 12: Bringing it together and ensuring continuous improvement

When are the live reflection sessions?

The reflection sessions will run either every Friday or every Monday at 2:00 pm, depending on which group you are placed in. If you will have difficultly attending one of these dates please let us know as soon as you sign up.


The investment for the Middle Manager Accelerator is £999. However, secure your place before 5 pm on 30th June 2021 and save £100 with our early bird offer.

To secure your £100 saving add coupon code JUN21 when checking out.

*Please note all fees are subject to VAT. If you are VAT registered, please email us on completion of your purchase to request a VAT invoice.

Further information

For further information regarding our MMA programme or any other services, please call 0161 949 9736 or email us at

22 Modules


Hello ,

Within this welcome module you will find the following:

  1. Welcome video (1:04 minutes)
  2. Programme overview (8:39 minutes)
  3. Getting to know you questionnaire, which should take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete).


Programme introduction

Hello ,

Welcome to the first week of the Middle Manager Accelerator. As I mentioned in the last module, we will be easing you into the programme.

Please make sure that you have requested access to the Facebook group and have received the calendar invite for the live group reflection sessions.

In this module you will find:

  1. How to make the most of the Middle Manager Accelerator (10:04 minutes)
  2. Living in your stretch zone (3:46 minutes) plus an activity that should take around 30-45 minutes to complete.
  3. A reminder of the weekly reflection session and what you will need to bring to the session.
  4. Learning takeaways and evaluation questionnaire to be completed after the reflection session.


Core Area #1: Self-Discovery

Hello ,

Welcome to week two of the Middle Manager Accelerator. In this module you will find the following lessons as an introduction into the Self-discovery core area:

1. Self-awareness - video lasting 9:41 minutes

2. Johari Window - video lasting 4:39 minutes and an activity that will take around 30 minutes to complete.


Module #1: Personality styles, communication preferences and motivational drivers

Hello ,

In this module, we continue week two with an understanding of peoples' personality styles, communication preferences and motivational drivers. In this module you will find the following lessons:

1. An introduction to DISC - video lasting 7:12 minutes

2. Communication do's and don'ts - video lasting 5:44 minutes

3. Motivating the styles - video lasting 4:25 minutes

4. What is your DISC style? - video lasting 2:41 minutes

5. DISC Quiz - 5-10 minutes

6. Learning takeaways and evaluation - 5 minutes

You will also need to ensure that you leave enough time to review your DISC report and obtain feedback from colleagues prior to the reflection session.


Module #12: Bringing it together and ensuring continuous improvement


Please find a summary of the lessons contained in this module below to help you plan out your learning for the week

Lesson 1 - Bringing it all together

This lesson contains:

  • A video lasting 3:56 minutes
  • A reflection activity - we recommend setting 45-60 minutes aside to complete the activity, preferably when you have some thinking space and won’t be distracted.
  • A questionnaire (Quiz) sits alongside the reflection activity.

Lesson 2 – The four stages of learning

This lesson contains:

  • A video lasting 4:59 minutes
  • A reflection activity - we recommend setting 30 minutes aside to complete this activity.

Lesson 3 - Continuous Improvement

This lesson contains:

  • A video lasting 4:42 minutes
  • Quiz questions - we recommend setting 30 minutes aside to complete this activity.

Lesson 4 - Graduating from the programme

This lesson contains a video lasting 1:04 minutes

Lesson 5 - Continuing your journey with Delphinium

This lesson contains a video lasting 9:08 minutes with detail of how you can continue your learning journey with Delphinium and includes details of three special offers.

Modules for this product 22
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